Feedback from Nordic Walkers

I like the friendly atmosphere to the classes, chatting away as we exercise. I like the fact that you don’t have to commit to attending every week, or pay in advance for the classes, which had put me off joining other exercise classes. R.P. Nottingham

I like the way Catherine sets goals and tasks in the sessions. She makes the classes varied and interesting and is a very good teacher. I can't run due to a long-term back problem but want a form of exercise that gets my heart going, which is still important as you get older. I have been to gyms, but the only thing I enjoyed was the cross-trainer and Nordic Walking is the nearest thing to a cross-trainer, but out of doors. A.T. Nottingham

I love the challenges Catherine sets for us, my particular favourite is ‘Scrabble Nordic Walking Style’, and enjoy the very good company of Catherine and fellow Nordic walkers. The most significant impact I’ve seen on my fitness is with regard to skiing. Thanks to the walking, the hill reps and the squats we do in class, I am now able to ski every day of my ski holiday with relatively few aches at the end of each day and, on average, I can ski for an hour longer each day. All achieved from a happy, friendly and encouraging environment. K.Y. Nottingham

I have really enjoyed the winter classes as I can’t imagine going out walking in the dark by myself, and it’s nice to be part of a group, walking and chatting along the way. L.H. Nottingham

I find it a really good form of exercise as you use lots of different muscles, and because of the way Catherine organises it, you can go as fast or as slow as you like. She always has some interesting facts about health and fitness to pass on, games for us to play, and sometimes we even get healthy snacks!!
E.S. Nottingham

From the start, I enjoyed and appreciated her enthusiasm and motivation. Last summer I made a concerted effort to lose weight and so with diet and increased Nordic Walking sessions (about 50 miles per month), I managed to lose 2 stone in 28 weeks! I now feel I can walk for longer, walk faster and with improved posture.” J.E. Leicestershire

I have to remind myself that before all this regular exercise I walked with a limp due to an arthritic hip and struggled to breathe going up hill. After shedding two and a half stone, I still have the arthritic problems but generally I am fit and well. Catherine makes the classes very flexible by introducing new ideas and challenges and it’s always fun. Since joining I have met so many interesting, funny and generous people and would like to think that I have made lifelong friends whatever the weather.” L.U. Derbyshire